Who Should Join?


Available to all organisations involved or interested in the management of trees in the urban environment, which employ three or more staff (including industry suppliers).


Available to any individual interested in the management of trees in the local environment, such as:

  • Local Government tree /Arboricultural Officers
  • State Government Officers (Environmental Officers)
  • Local Council Tree Crews
  • Arboricultural Consultants
  • Arboricultural Contractors
  • Arboricultural training providers
  • Utility Arborists
  • Local or state Government Planning Officers
  • Environmental officers
  • Biodiversity Officers
  • Engineers


Available to any student undertaking a FULL TIME program of horticultural or arboricultural studies.


Eligibility for membership shall be determined by the executive committee. The executive committee reserve the right to dismiss any application as per the constitution (available on the SASA website).