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If you have any concerns about your trees, you should seek the services of a qualified arborist or consulting arborist to help you.

A qualified arborist can assist you with your tree management needs, including tree pruning for safety and aesthetics, the removal of unwanted or dangerous trees, mulching and irrigation of your tree and many other services.  Please keep in mind that any work on a significant tree may require development approval from your local council.  Your qualified arborist can assist you with this.  To find an arborist from our membership, please download the SASA Members 2014/15 list.

A consulting arborist can assist you with a range of services, including tree assessments, safety audits, pest and disease diagnosis and treatment, tree reports and the management of trees on development sites.

If you are planning on building a new house, extension or adding a new driveway, shed or carrying out some landscaping works, it is important to consider the requirements and tree protection measures for your tree during these works.  Any of these works in the vicinity of a significant tree will require a tree report from a  consulting arborist.  It is recommended that you engage a consulting arborist early in the design phase to ensure you carry out these works with minimal disturbance of your trees.

Useful fact sheets are available from Trees are Good for the home owner or anyone interested in trees on a range of subjects to help you manage your trees better.

If you need assistance with any of your Arboricultural needs you may choose to contact one of our members.

Please read the following information before downloading the SASA member list.

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SASA recommends that any persons planning to engage the services of a contractor listed on this site confirm the suitability of that member for their particular requirements prior to engaging such services.

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