Logo Guidelines

The following points are to be used as a guide when submitting applications to use the SASA logo in any way.


1. Advertising

The use of the logo in directory advertising (Yellow Pages etc) is only permissible under the following conditions.

  • Only financial members are entitled to use the logo.
  • The logo is not to be incorporated into the business name.
  • The configuration of the logo is to be as shown on the logo sheet available to members, no alterations or modifications are acceptable.
  • The logo will not form more than 4% of the total area of the ad and must have written approval from the committee¬†.
  • The use of the term ‘Member’ ‘SASA’ or ‘Member South Australian Society of Arboriculture’ are acceptable alternatives.


2. Vehicle Display

Logo stickers will be available for purchase from SASA.


3. Stationary

The use of the logo must conform to the following points:

  • Maximum size not to exceed 16mm x 40mm
  • Positioned in header or footer
  • To be separate from business name or logo
  • Not to be positioned to suggest the correspondent is SASA or it’s representative
  • Not to be used in a manner that resembles SASA stationery eg letter head
  • Only to contain the additional word ‘Member’
  • Only to be reproduced from supplied logo sheet
  • Not to be used on Quote’s , Reports and Submissions to clients


4. Application

All uses of the Logo requires an application to be submitted to the committee prior to use of the logo or name. This application is to include a proof of the document onto which the logo is to be placed.